What to expect in the course

In this guided online course you will explore the beauty and connective patterns of MANDALAS. In this fun and relaxing course you will start out with a GUIDED MEDITATION. We will set our INTENTIONS and give thought to what we want to paint into our lives. COLOR and PLACEMENT and PATTERNS will be our playground. You will enjoy FLOW and TEXTURE throughout your painting process, and in the end, you will clearly OUTLINE your path both on the canvas and with your set intentions.

This course is designed for all ages and artistic levels. There are beautiful little nuggets of learning to be found throughout... EVERYONE is welcome!


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Painting IS Meditation

Karen Adamski is a shamanic practitioner, Certified Crystal Healer, Certified Creatively Fit Coach, artist, and teacher.

Karen, aka ShamaMama, works with clients from all over the world to bring them healing in the form of vibrational medicine, ART and meditation. She loves to teach others how easy it is bring balance & beauty into their lives. break out of molds, and to Walk In Beauty on their own personal paths.

With all of her passions pulled together into one place, Karen has created a sacred space on the internet: www.ShamaMama.com

This is a place YOU are ALWAYS WELCOME!

You can also find Karen at:

Etsy.com/shop/BlueMoonShadow (Karen’s awesome crystal shop) ShamaMama.teachable.com(Karen's online courses) YouTube: Karen Adamski Facebook.com/ShamaMamaKaren