Supplies for the Traveling Artist

There are lots of great supplies on the market for the traveling artist. I have found some simple tools that work really well for me, and they are small and light weight.

It's not critical that you use the same supplies as me during this course. I suggest you use what you already have on hand, and try any new supplies that catch your interest.

Join me in the video below to learn more about the tools I will be working within this course. It's a pretty short list!

Here's a list of the tools I will be using in this course:

Watercolor art journal

Watercolor traveling paint set

Watercolor pencils

Watercolor brushes

Watercolor paper block

Watercolor crayons

Brush/pen w/ water reservoir for travel

Artist permanent drawing pens

Like I mentioned, please don't feel limited to just these tools. I did not even pack my watercolor pens, coloring books, powder paints....

Create your own toolbox!

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